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We currently protect and maintain 92 wordpress websites

Service Plan

If you use a WordPress website in your company, then you really need a service plan to ensure that technology does not inhibit your success. Think about it this way, you insure and protect your house, car and other valuables, so be sure to do the same for your business and get your website protected.

Lightning fast hosting

Specialised, optimised and built by cloud experts to ensure your presence is lightning fast with 100% uptime. We guarantee your site will run quicker on our servers than normal hosting, or your money back.

One Off Site Service

If you are worried about your WordPress website let Tek57 carry out a one off service. Your site will be fully scanned and inspected so it is updated, secure and backed up.

If you think we can help you..

Contact us today and get started. We will audit & secure your site, create automated backups, start website monitoring and give you access to our ticketing system for support requests.