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Site Service

WordPress websites need constant monitoring and tweaking to keep them updated, efficient and secure. If you do not think a Service Plan is for you then how about a one off site Service. This will get your site scanned, updated and secured.

included in your site service

All WordPress Updates

After backing up your site and database all WordPress core files, themes and plugins will be updated and checked for conflicts and functionality.

Optimised Database

If you have a busy site with a high traffic and content continually being updated, your database needs to be maintained. We optimise your sites database to clean out the cobwebs and unwanted data. This will improve loading speeds and reduce the frequency of database errors.

Blacklist Detection & Removal

Sometimes website IP addresses get blacklisted for sending out Spam or some other suspicious behaviour. Sometimes you can be blacklisted for no apparent reason. Your website IP will be checked against all blacklists and removed if needed.

Site Backup

Backing up your website is vitally important to ensure the safe restoration of the site if something should go wrong with updates or hacking. Once your site service has been carried out Tek57 will back up your your entire WordPress file system including WordPress core, themes, plugins, data and database and can be uploaded to external storage space such as Google or Dropbox. Tek57 also keeps a copy of your backup.


Securing your site against hackers is an essential part of keeping your site operational. During the site service Tek57 will evaluate your sites security and recommend further security steps if required.

SSL certificate installed

Have you ever noticed the little info symbol next to a sites URL in your browser. If you click it it will tell you that the website is not secure. All Tek57's hosted sites get a free SSL certificate as standard. If you look next to our URL above you will see a green padlock. That means our site is secure. ( non Tek57 hosted sites may incur a charge by the hosting company )

Malware Scan

WordPress security is very important, your site will be scanned for malware. Should something out of the ordinary occur you will be informed and a plan of action will be discussed.

Please note

The site service includes installing several plugins to achieve optimal security and performance. All plugins used by Tek57 are carefully chosen and monitored.

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