Service Plan

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Service Plan

If you are using a WordPress website in your business then you really need a service plan to make sure the technology doesn't hamper your success. Think of it like this, you insure and protect your house, car and other valuables so make sure you do the same for your business and get your website protected.

included in your service plan

Daily Offsite Backups

Backing up your website is vitally important to ensure the safe restoration of the site if something should go wrong with updates or hacking. Tek57 carries out off-site backups of your entire WordPress file system including WordPress core, themes, plugins, data and database. This enables us to get you up and running within a short period of time.

All WordPress Updates

As soon as an update becomes available in your WordPress admin we will update it for you, This is not an automated task but a real developer will back up your site before making updates. This includes core, themes and plugins ensuring your site stays online.

Blacklist Detection & Removal

Sometimes website IP addresses get blacklisted for sending out Spam or some other suspicious behaviour. Sometimes you can be blacklisted for no apparent reason. Your website IP will be monitored against all blacklists and removed if needed.

Site Restore

If your site should go down during updates or gets hacked or infected by malware we will restore it to the last daily backup.

WordPress Migration

We are happy to migrate you for free during the setup process to our dedicated WordPress server. Whether you're unhappy with your current host or just ready for a change Tek57 will work with you from start to finish.

Optimise for speed

Using various plugins and wizardry we optimise your WordPress website to speed up page loading and decrease server load.

Site Clean

If you have an existing site that you wish Tek57 to look after then we will carry out an extensive deep clean of the site including scanning, security, plugin checks and updates.


Securing your site against hackers is an essential part of keeping your site operational. We take measures to hide your sites login screen, limit the number of attempts to login and enable 2 factor authentication. These are just a few of the measures we use to secure your site.

Malware Security Monitoring

WordPress security is very important, your site will be monitored for malware. Our hosting includes 24/7 security monitoring for malware attacks which stops attacks before they start and eliminates malicious code. Should something out of the ordinary occur, your site will be fixed and back to normal in no time, all behind the scenes.

Uptime Monitoring

We constantly monitor your sites uptime to make sure that in the unlikely event that it goes down we are instantly made aware of it. We guarantee 100% uptime of your hosting, backed up by a Service Level Agreement.

Small Fixes

Small fixes such as text or image changes are free to our clients. Let us know what you need doing and if it only takes a few minutes we wont charge you anything. If we feel it will take longer then we will quote you a fee under custom development rates.

Optimised Images

Large images slow down your site and if you are running a webshop the product images alone add up. We deploy an image optimising plugin which reduces the byte size of your images without affecting the quality.

Optimised Database

If you have a busy site with a high traffic and content continually being updated, your database needs to be maintained. We optimise your sites database to clean out the cobwebs and unwanted data. This will improve loading speeds and reduce the frequency of database errors.

add lightning fast hosting to your service plan

Specialised, optimised and built by cloud experts to ensure your presence is lightning fast with 100% uptime. We guarantee your site will run quicker on our servers than normal hosting, or your money back.